Etienne Boisseau

Weapons Artist on VALORANT @ Riot Games

Etienne Boisseau

VALORANT: Oni Onimaru Kunitsuna Katana Melee

Thrilled to have been tasked with the marquee for the fan-favorite’s return of the Oni skinline.
This was my first ever asset on VALORANT and I don’t think I realized how much demand there would be for a Katana !
It’s been an absolute pleasure to work hand in hand with a bunch of artists and animators.
Concept by Denis Lakhanov
Animation by Brendan Russert
VFX by Nicolas Ceriani
Audio by Drew Olsen
Art direction by Sean Marino & Sean Bigham
Art propagation/Outsource supervision by Sammi Pedregon
Integration and support by Hyejin Kang

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